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Frugal Knitting and Crocheting: How to Keep Creating When Money is Tight!

Frugal Knitting and Crocheting We all have times when finances are tight. This doesn't mean you should stop knitting or crocheting! There are a lot of ways to save money and still be creative. I am a bit of a yarn snob, and am not a fan of working with scratchy yarn. It would be wonderful to always be able to buy the gorgeous high quality yarn that I see at my favorite local yarn stores.  Unfortunately, there are times when I just can't afford it!  Here is a list of some frugal knitting and crocheting ideas that will keep you creating without sacrificing quality. Save ALL Your Scraps Seriously... all of them, even the tiny ones.  You can use them for all kinds of things!  They could be used for accents, tassels or fringe.  They work great for sewing on buttons or adding embellishments.  Scraps make great draw strings for knitted or crocheted drawstring bags.  If you have kids, then you can always use them for kid's craft projects. Embrace Stripes Stripes are a great way to

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