How to Wind Yarn into a Hank for Dyeing Yarn-Chair Method

Dyeing and spinning yarn is so much fun!  Before you can dye your yarn, you will need to wind it into a hank to keep it from getting tangled. You can create a hank with a tool called a niddy noddy, or you can use a chair.  Winding your yarn around a chair will make your yarn easy to manage.


  • Yarn

  • Chair

  • Box

1.  Take your yarn and place in a box to keep your yarn from rolling around. You can sit the box on the chair or on the floor.

2.  Take one end of the yarn and tie it around the chair.


3.  Wrap yarn around the chair until you have the desired amount of yarn wound around the chair.

4.  Tie the end to keep it from unraveling.

5.  Use crochet cotton yarn to tie your yarn in a few places.  I like to weave the crochet cotton in a figure eight method to keep the yarn from sliding.

Now you are ready to dye your yarn!  You can get started using my tutorial on dyeing yarn with Wilton Icing Colors coming soon!



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