7 of my Favorite Knitting Patterns for Babies


Every now and then you have to drop what you are doing to knit a baby gift. That's what happened to me last week. I lost track of time and need a gift for a baby shower at the end of the month. Knitting for babies is a lot of fun. Babies are tiny and adorable, so knitting for them is a great joy. Most baby gifts are quick and easy. I find that I tend to go for the same patterns over and over. I want to share with you 7 of my favorite knitting patterns for babies.

Umbilical Cord Hat by Jennifer L. Jones 

This is my favorite baby hat pattern, and my go to baby gift. I usually give this hat with a matching pair of baby booties.  The hat is knit in the round and the pattern can be found in Deb Stoller's Stitch N' Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook.  You can buy the book from Amazon here. The book is a lot of fun, and I have lost count of how many times I have made this hat.

Beth's Easy Baby Booties by Beth Koskie

I love this free pattern. I usually knit it up in a single color and use a ribbon for the drawstring. It is my go to baby bootie pattern because the booties stay on the babies feet.

Baby Boy 5 Hour Sweater by Gail Bable

I enjoy knitting this free pattern for both boys and girls. I love it for its speed and simplicity. Baby sweaters make great first time sweater projects because the construction is the same as an adult sweater, but done on a smaller scale.  It is much less intimidating than knitting an adult sweater.

Mary Jane Booties by Lucie Sinkler 

These are super cute!  They have the look of Mary Jane's, but more comfortable for the baby.  You can add cute buttons to hold the strap.  These can be matched with any cute outfit!

The Once Upon a Time Baby Blanket by Caitlyn Ffrench 

Fans of the ABC series "Once Upon a Time" may recognize this blanket as baby Emma's blanket in the series pilot episode.  This gorgeous blanket makes appearances through out the first season.  The blanket was designed by the amazing Caitlyn Ffrench, who is kind enough to offer the pattern for free!

Yoda Baby Hat by Shinah Chang

I am a huge Star Wars fan.  This free Yoda hat is a great gift for future fans.  I knit this hat up as a gift for an awesome new mom about a year ago, in a town far far away... Just kidding!  It was knit in my hometown.

Baby Surprise Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman

This is probably one of the most knit baby sweaters of all time.  The amazing garter stitch construction looks stunning in yarns that change color.  It has been published in numerous books and magazines.



  1. Love these :). Great patterns that seem practical and adorable!

  2. Thank you Deidra! These are my favorite patterns so far. I tend to go for them time and time again.

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